Carolina University's Scholarship Portal

Welcome to Piedmont International University Scholarship Portal. If you need help using this application, or have any questions about financial aid, please contact the Financial Services Office at 336.714.7900 or

Q: I can't find my aid! How much am I getting each semester?

A: The best screen to show breakdown by semester is the Disbursement Details. It will also help you track what has been posted to your student account, and what may still be pending.

Q: I originally said No Loans on my scholarship application, but it turns out I need a little bit more help. Is it too late?

A: Loans must be packaged while a student is still enrolled. So as long as you are still enolled, we can add a loan. Please email with the amount you wish to borrow for the year.

Q: I received an external scholarship. I don't have the check yet, but I got a letter telling me about it. Do you need to know this?

A: Please forward a copy of your notification letter to the Financial Services Office. You keep the original copy. You can email it to, fax it to 336.714.7820, or mail a hard copy to the office:

Financial Services Office - Piedmont International University 420 South Broad Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Q: I think I did my paperwork! How can I tell?

A: Go to Menu and click My Checklist to see if your documents are all received.

Q: I need an award letter to show insurance or scholarship application.

A: Please email the Financial Aid Director Mandy McLain ( Due to security reasons, we do not email award letters giving specific awards or dollar amounts. We want those to be available only under passwords, like your Scholarship Portal login. Mandy will draft a letter outlining your awards, password protect the pdf, and email you the encrypted file. She will send you the password needed to access the information.

Q: When should I be working on paperwork?

A: Sooner rather than later :) The FAFSA is available October 1 for the upcoming Fall semester. Example for 2020-2021, the FAFSA became available October 1, 2019. It will use your 2018 federal tax return data. The goal is to have all financial aid packaging in place 30 days prior to the start of your semester. Starting earlier, and getting your aid package in place allows you more time to plan/prepare.

Q: It is my first time going thru this aid process, and I am very lost!

A: Ask a lot of questions, and read as much as you can. Start with the federal website ( It will explain the FAFSA, Pell grants, student loans, etc. And most importantly, Communicate...Communicate....Communicate ~ never assume!